A sparkling experience introduces you into the hand-made tailoring art

Sartorial Line is our way to create an easier approach to the world of bespoke. To have a full hand made bespoke suit is a sort of philosophy, sartorial could be the first step for whom would love to do such an experience but need also a short time delivery, more practical details and, last but not least, a reasonable investment. 

To do this without compromise about quality and overall bespoke experience level, we have developed our own models and established an affordable sample-size set for suits and jackets which permit us to simplify the production process and consequently reduce time to delivery and improve efficency. Obviously maintaining the exclusive feeling of the experience.

Where and when You prefer

Schedule an appointment or visit us during ours trunk shows all over the world, we could set a meeting where works better for you: your office, at home, in hotel during a trip or in our showroom, of course. A Bespoke experience has to be a «pampering» moment in Your day time, we will focus together your needs and we’ll show you our range of models and an impressive number of custom combinations of fabrics and colors.

Measuring process

After choosing your preferred fabric among a wonderful selection from the best woolmaker’s collections (it remain a full bespoke high end range of fabrics), we’ll do your measurement by fitting one of ours sample-size garment, taking note of each single alteration you need. As it will be an artisanal full customized cloth (not a ready made with some little modifies), we’ll take also your physical measures in order to check for fitting perfectly your body. Please take note that sartorial line is not available for everybody, extra large sizes or particular detailed shapes will request the full bespoke process.


Using our model we’ll bypass the creation of a single paper model for your garments and we will do directly the final fitting without intermediate sessions, maintaining the quality excellence at the same level. All garments are made in our workshop in Napoli, cut by hand by our master tailor and hand assembled from the materials according to your choices. Final finishings, like handmade button holes,«impunture» and other details will be settled according your preference.

Delivery Ceremony

Within 4 weeks from your confirmation, we will be able to celebrate the final fitting and delivery, pampering you with the flavor of exclusivity, unicity and quality of your new clothing in a friendly, intimate atmosphere.
Our client is our main investment and we love to think that you could become an addicted of our bespoke experience!
Our focus is your full satisfaction, we will be always at disposal for after-sale adjustments and maintaining, giving you an incomparable quality/price ratio.
You will touch yourselves the great value for money of our service.
Sartorial first prices. Suit from € 1600 – Jacket from € 1100 – shirt from € 220.

Let us dress your personality