A real bespoke experience goes across the time.

Our knowledge, our craftmanship and expertise are always at your disposal from a simple advise anytime you ask for it, to a range of luxury services and customized exclusive accessories.

Luxury services

Total look consultants and clothes matching suggestions.
We will help you to be yourselves anytime and in any occasion, home, business meetings, dining party, club house events, cruising, leisure, gala… you will wear your own bespoke brand.
Wardrobe analysis and creator.
We can work together on your wardrobe, checking the existing one and setting the main clothes you « must have » (e.g. 2 business suits, 2 dining suits, 1 Classic blazer, 2 Sport jackets, 1 Tuxedo with the appropriate matching pants, shirts and accessories). Then we can identify the missing ones and season by season we will enrich your wardrobe with new garments defining your style.
We can also help you in setting different wardrobes according your different residencies but mantaining the unicity of your style (“city” wardrobe, seaside wardrobe, cottage attire, yachting look).

Exclusive custom accessories

Our deep knowledge of Italian fashion master artisans give us the opportunity to offer an impressive range of ultra luxury men accessories.
• Hand-made ties: 7 plies, embroidering, custom design, special size.
• Scarves: in cashmere, silk, custom design, expressly made.
• Pocket squares: silk, cotton, linen, printed or embroidered.
• Knitwear: only in cashmere or silk&cashmere, made to measure with your monograms embroidering.
• Leather belts: crocodile or other exotic leathers, hand painted calf, customized.
• Suspenders: fancy or solid or matching your jacket… Always custom for you.
• Cufflinks: in silver or/and enamel with your monograms…
• Nightwear and underwear: pajamas and dressing gown, socks and special underwear, embroidered with your arms or initials.

You have only to choose, we have your measurement and your preferences in our records and we will take care of the proper size, colors, embroidering and specific details.

When Italian art meets Swiss aim to perfection,
wonderful things happens