Your corporate

A true elegant Corporate Service

Thanks to our long tradition and expertise in the customization of high end classy accessories, we are able to create the same bespoke experience feeling to your special teams or companies.
A sartorial custom service studied, modulated and realized exclusively for Your organizations:
luxury companies as yacht shipyards, private jet companies, top cars dealers/manufacturers, private banks or simply your boat’s crews or your historic cars stable team or a golf club, a dressage team…

Total Look Definition

Who is the usual counterpart of your organization? Which is the contest of your action?
Our concept is: if you deal with important, sophisticated, wealthy people you need to give the perception that you are moving in the same backyard and in the same time showing the heritage and main values of your company.
After a preliminary discussion about budget restrictions, we’ll propose a full total look for all your management in order to give the same feeling with different declination of “uniforms” at the highest value for money content.

Sartorial Approach

We will design the models in order to create an “evergreen look” refelecting the spirit of the company or association, team.. More, we offer a made to measure product, with hundreds of options. Every suit or jacket will be done on the measures of each single person and  it will be possible to select single customization for each of them, maintaining on the other side the corporate feeling. Quality of materials and processing are not negotiable for us, we know that we can’t compete with some specialized company on low-price but we are sure we could offer one of the best  value for money you could find.


Custom Designed Accessories

We combine the new technologies’ opportunities  (such as ink jet digital printing, CAD design and jacquard process..) with the craftmanship and creativity of our associates in order to obtain the best result.
Each shirt, tie, pocket squares, ladies scarf and all other accessories, will be designed and customized according your company’s image and logo. Each detail will be carefully defined as your look has to show the same care you put on your business.

Bespoke Experience

We bring our individual private experience to corporate’s top levels:
Measures and fitting on appointment (it happened to measure a super busy CEO of a top shipyard on board of a yacht in Portofino).
Personal deliveries according events or appointments (again it happens, deliver of a part of the uniforms in Montecarlo for the Yacht show, then others in Miami
After sale service. Taking care of alterations, remake of a single garment, add a new uniform for new managers, always at disposal!

When Italian art meets Swiss aim to perfection,
wonderful things happens