Pure Bespoke

Live a pure bespoke and a personal delivery experience

More than a product, approaching a bespoke experience means to take time for yourself, to establish a new fiduciary relationship, to enjoy an extraordinary individual service and at the end to get a garment that will give you comfort, self-esteem and satisfaction for years.
The word “bespoke” comes from “Bespoken”, it means that we have to understand, through a pleasant discussion, your vision of elegance and your self-perception; we will be able to translate your wishes into your suit.

Where and when You prefer

According to your lifestyle, we could meet wherever you want, at your office, at home, on your boat, in the hotel during a trip or in our showroom, of course.
A Bespoke experience has to be a “pampering” moment in Your day-time, wherever you are, we will be there on your request.
It is happened, to make selection in NY, then first fitting in Paris, the second one in Milan and final delivery in Montecarlo… we give a top service all over the world.

Measuring process

We will discuss about your preferences and we will guide you through a selection of thousands impressive, exclusive fabrics, putting our expertise at your disposal. We will design your personal model from scratch , paying attention to all the details you love and helping you with some suggestions. We will take personally and discreetly your measurements directly on your body shape and we will create a private paper model, only for You.
It will remain in our records and it will be our model reference for the future.

Sewing an artwork

From fabrics’ cutting, made by scissors, to basting, sewing and finishing, your garment will take life from the skillful hands of our artisans. Master tailor cuts and mounts personally the collar, his assistants will take care of sewing the interior lining (usually in «horse-hair material») and of basting all elements of the jacket. Finally, a lovely lady (as their fingers are more delicate and precise than those of a man) will finish the buttonholes, only and always by hands.

The fittings

During the production process we have to verify if the translation from a 2-dimension material, the fabric, to a 3-dimension suit fits on your body as designed. Therefore, it usually takes from one to three fittings for us to make all the adjustments. Our aim is to transform these moments in a relaxing pause for you and get your participation in the creation of your look. Obviously, after the first time, the following suits will need much less fitting sessions since your paper model will work for us. However, we will continue to increase details and alterations on paper model because every suit has to be better than the previous one.

Delivery Ceremony

We love to think that the delivery of a pure bespoke garment is like a “launch of a new boat” and we celebrate it with a final meeting, again wherever and whenever you prefer. It will be an intimate moment to appreciate the work done together!
Our clients’ satisfaction is the main goal of our efforts and we will be always at your disposal to improve the experience with further details or adjustments.

A long-term friendly relationship is our final goal.